Can bus

CAN Bus IO Modules

Due to it’s high throughput, capable error detection and well defined protocol, this industrial strength small area network solves many machine building problems. Wiring costs can be saved by decentralising i/o logic close to where it is required, for instance the Operator panel, rather than having to wire everything back to a central cabinet.

Due to it’s operating range, the CAN bus allows machines to increase in size, thereby integrating functions previously carried out by separate machines or hand operations.

CAN bus flexibility means machine builders can respond rapidly to customer requests for special features. By dropping an additional node onto the bus, new features such as part loaders or special tools can be added with little fuss, and offered as options to future customers.

If you are planning a large, complex, or multiple task machine design, then you need a Labod electronic embedded control solution. In terms of machine design, there’s not much our valued customers haven’t thrown at us in the past, and their machines are shipping now…